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Sunday 17 February 2019 at 11:30am


Sunday 18 November 2018:

Annual General Meeting summary:
Meeting opened: 12:15pm.  All existing office bearers re-elected unopposed. See Committee.

General Meeting, opened 12:45pm

Present: Perri (in the chair), David, Pam, Ralph, Alan, Yvonne, Jake, Dianne, Carolyn, Jillian and Steve.
Apologies: Annie, Ian, Tanzi and Andrew.

Summary of Minutes:
  • Greg Lynd (St Helens) has been contacted re the 2 seats that he is going to make for us.
  • Youdit Deane has cleaned 5 Churchill graves and the War memorial and is to redo John Henry Denne headstone.
  • Enquiries indicated $6,800 for a toilet unit from Victoria plus $3,500 for transport to Tas. This is much too expensive.  
  • Perri asked Council for a funding grant for a toilet.
  • John Paul Cumming, who is an environmental consultant, might look at the chapel site next week.
  •  Ralph spoke to Anthony Woolley .
  • All agreed not to have public toilet- too much maintenance and too costly. Also would need wheelchair access etc.
  • Still hoping to have a Bunnings sausage sizzle early next year. We can get a cover note for extra public liabilty.
  • We will have a stall at the Dennes Point market on 1 December (Yvonne and Perri will be there).
  • Carolyn has now replaced Julie as a bank signatory (with Jake and Perri).
  • Di to find out about natural burials, eg shroud-wrapped.
  • Alan to try and sell our surplus Wurlitzer organ on Gumtree.

This started around 11:30am and continued until 4:30pm with two 45 minute breaks, one for the AGM and the general  meeting and one for lunch.
Grass was mowed, graves wipper-snippered around, some stumps dug out, 2 casuarina trees were removed that were too close to graves,  a path was made to where special seats are to be installed,  some weedy bulbs (Watsonia marginata?) were removed, etc.

The cemetery grounds after our workingbee -  tidy and well cared for.   Sunday 18 November 2018.

Sunday 8 July 2018:

GENERAL MEETING and working bee.

(Our meeting clashed with a meeting at the CWA Hall  and the start was therefore delayed until 1:30pm).

Present:  Perri (in the chair), Ralph, Alan, Yvonne, Jake, Dianne, Carolyn, Jillian and Steve.

Summary of Minutes

Our garden shed now houses a ride-on mower which will be permanently stationed there.  The mower has been lent to us by Ralph Bottomley.
It is suggested that whenever somebody is going to do mowing they should bring their own petrol.

Two bench seats that we were going to purchase from Greg Lynde have not yet appeared.  Ralph will follow up with Greg.

Annie will check with Andrew Denne re documents from the church.

Regarding a new toilet:
Carolyn can get a quote for a septic system at approx $10,000+
Ralph suggested a toilet with a holding tank may be the way to go because we are not sure whether a septic system would  be allowed. It would cost around $7000.
Ralph will talk to council (Fluffy) to see what they are likely to approve.

Cost of Public Liability insurance was discussed.  We currently have a bill for approx $1,400.  Should we be looking for an umbrella policy along with other similar groups?
(Note: Since the last meeting it has been confirmed that the insurance premium mentioned above also covers the insurance on the building).

Fund Raising:  Dianne to contact Bunnings to see if we can run a sausage sizzle.

New Headstone has been installed for Colin Jacobson (Elsie Churchill's brother in law). A photo linked to the headstone is now part of the Cemetery Map.

Carolyn Martyn to be a second signatory for cheques as Julie Risely is now living offshore.  We need a copy of the minutes proposing this to take to Bendigo Bank in Kingston.

Ride-on Mower
Viking Ride-On Mower.

Jacobson Headstone 2018
Colin Jacobson headstone

4 February 2018:  OPEN DAY
10:30am to 2:00pm Sunday

The weather was beautiful for our Open Day and quite a few people turned up, although neither the Premier nor Nic Street (who were invited) made it.
The Snug Butcher donated sausages and Banjos donated bread for our barbeque.
These donations are gratefully acknowledged.
(Click picture to enlarge)
Open Day2108
By the end of the day our new garden shed was finished and Ralph and Alan were installing strengthening members and shelves within it.
Also steel posts were driven in and attached to prevent wind from blowing the shed away.
Eventually it is intended to add a concrete floor inside the shed.

Garden Shed 2018

3 February 2018

11:30am to 1:00pm Saturday (11 committee members in attendance).
  • Discussions about upkeep of headstones;
    This is not the responsibility of our association. Families can contact Youdit Deane who has expertise in restorative work on headstones.
  • Carolyn and Di to enquire re possible Federal Government money for restoration of war graves.
Meeting 3 Feb2018
  • Spong memorial at Barnes Bay to be kept clean and tidy. (Jake will do).
  • Assembly and installation of our garden shed to be completed tomorrow (Sunday).
  • Financials: We have about $6,500 in the bank with some income from market stalls to be added shortly.
  • Two bench seats (aluminium and plastic) to be ordered from Greg Lynd (St Helens).
  • Intention to talk to Suzanne Smythe regarding the location of possible grave sites at Variety Bay.
  • A website has been established for our association. Contact Alan Bottomley with ideas for improvement.
  • A Mission Statement to be added to our website. A possible wording was suggested.
  • A grave site map to be added to the website. Map to also show reserved plots.
  • The Premier (prompted by Nic Street) has promised us $5,000 from a discretionary fund towards a new toilet.
  • Banjos and Snug Butcher to be asked to donate bread and sausages for Open Day.
  • Headstone maintenance suggestions: mould can be treated with "Exit Mould", vinegar may help with lichen?
  • Perri has bulbs to plant.
Meeting closed 12:30pm
A working bee followed to cleanup the cemetery and to work on the assembly of the garden shed.

5 November 2017: Annual General Meeting.
  • Office Bearers for next 12 months elected.
  • Working bee in the cemetery.
  • Some panels of the new garden shed were assembled.                      
8 October 2017:
  • End-of-Financial-Year Statements presented by the Treasurer.
  • Fee for a second burial on top of an existing coffin to be $300.
New Sign
New sign for the front gate
17 April 2017:
  • SignRite to do new sign for front gate,
  • Microwave oven donated by Perri,
  • Edge strips have been installed on the front steps of the building.
  • Land Tax bill forgiven after Perri wrote a letter to them,
  • Monies raised from Bruny Easter Market ($385) and a market stall ($80).
  • Donation to Quarantine Station - $500.

7 January 2017:
  • Amended Constitution lodged with Consumer, Building and Occupational Services.
  • Locksafe box installed (inside the meter-box) for safe-keeping of keys.
  • Noted that market stalls have raised enough money to pay the power bill.
  • Peter Wisby to donate a park bench.
  • There are still 2 families who are yet to donate their pledges to the Chapel.
  • A ride-on mower is to be donated by Ralph and Perri.
  • Discussion re garden shed to purchase at Bunnings.
  • Agreed that a suitable shortened name for the assn can be:
    Barnes Bay Chapel & Cemetery Assn.

8 October 2016:
  • Microwave oven and a "locksafe" for keys is needed.
  • Committee signed off that we do not require our Financial statements to be audited each year.
    (This is no longer a legal requirement for associations with less than $250,000 annual turnover).
  • Discussed moving the bell tower closer to the Chapel. (Seek permission from Kathy Duncombe).
  • Elsie Churchill has enquired regarding repainting of headstones.
  • Working bee followed.

28 August 2016:
  • GST de-registration has been approved and finalised by the Australian Tax Office.
  • New bucket and mop donated by Carolyn Martyn. Decided that vacuum cleaner not needed yet.
  • Investigation of feasibility of going to solar power for the Chapel. Payback period would be too long.
  • Draft financials presented by Treasurer. Further details to be supplied by Perri.
  • Spare keys for the Chapel with: Perri, Julie, Jake, Di, Weitske, Kathy, Ian (Parky) and in the meter-box.
  • New fencing completed with donations from: Robert (fence posts and wire), "Murrayfield", Mark Hansson (1 day labour), Ralph (excavator and labour), Ian Young (1 day labour).
  • Linda Champine and Carolyn Martyn have acquired plots in the cemetery.
  • Reconciled bank balance as at 30 June 2016 was $7,811.45.
  • Annual insurance bill $1,240 paid to McKillops.  (Perri to be reimbursed).
  • Annual Return signed off and to be lodged with Dept of Justice. ($61.20 lodgment fee).
  • Burial fees ratified. ($650 for member or a donater, $1,000 for others).
  • Chapel to be made available for WEDDINGS etc.
  • Clean-up of cemetery is needed. Working bee at next meeting on 8 October 2016'

12 June 2016:
  • Annual report presented by Perri Bottomley.
  • GST de-registration applied for.
  • Chapel keys to be left at Smoothys Point and in the meter-box at the Chapel.
  • Perimeter fence has been completed (except for the section along Church Road).

28 April 2016:
Funeral service and internment for Mr Robert (Bob) Hewitt.

7 March 2016
Large funeral service for longtime Bruny Island resident Josephine Denne hosted at the Chapel.

12 December 2015
Renewal-of-Vows ceremony for Ralph and Perri Bottomley hosted at the Chapel.

7 December 2015:
Exterior of the Chapel building painted (Craig Cunningham).

30 May 2015:
Working bee to erect the tank donated by Weitske Loef. Timber for stand donated by Ralph.

New Tank 1New Tank 2

17 May 2015:  (Meeting held at the CWA hall).
  • Contract of Sale from the Anglican church is ready to finalise.
  • Approx $28,000 received in pledges from the Bruny Island community.This will be sufficient to purchase the church and the cemetery ($25,000 + GST + Stamp Duty)
  • Building will need to be painted to make the asbestos lining safe.
  • Public Liability insurance will have to be taken out (approx $700).
  • Electricity account needs to be transferred to the new owner. ($90 per quarter plus usage).
  • Water tank behind the building needs to be replaced. Weitske Loef will donate a 1500L tank.
  • Perimeter fence needs to be rebuilt. "Murrayfield" will assist with this.
  • Sign at front needs to be changed to reflect the new status of the building.
  • Discussion re what burial charges are to be levied. Agreed that shareholders to pay $600 and others
    $1,000.    Charges to be reviewed every 3 years.

22 November 2014:   Inaugural Public Meeting
  • Meeting held at the CWA hall, Bruny Island Main Rd, Barnes Bay.
  • Meeting led by Keith Bill pending the election of a committee.
  • St Peters Church, Barnes Bay was recently deconsecrated by the Anglican Church  .
  • This meeting was called to setup an incorporated association to purchase the church and the site
    for $25,000 using pledges obtained from the community.
  • The following executive was nominated and duly elected:
    President: Perri Bottomley
    Vice President: Anne Correy
    Secretary: Dianne Jodlowska
    Treasurer: Jake Jodlowski
  • General Committee Members:
    David Young, Ian Young, Justin Jones, Carolyn Martyn, Alan Bottomley, Julie Riseley,
    Weitske Loef, Ralph Bottomley.
  • Name of the association to be:
    Bruny Island Cemetery and Chapel (Barnes Bay) Association Inc.  (Accepted).
  • Pledges received so far stand at $13,000.
  • Executive to meet quarterly.
  • A Constitution is to be drawn up and registered.

3 April 2014:
A document explaining the pending sale of the former St Peters Church, and requesting pledges from the community to purchase it, was sent around by Perri Bottomley.

16 June 1996:
A major working bee to remove trees etc from the Barnes Bay cemetery.
This cleanup was instigated by Max Young and approximately 15 residents participated.
(Photo from Alan Bottomley)